By Emilia Hart


*The New York Times Bestseller *
*‘A generational tale of female resilience’ GUARDIAN
*‘A much-heralded epic’ OBSERVER


‘She’s going to be a huge writing star’ Sara Cox on BBC2’s Between the Covers

‘From the moment I started reading it there was a sense of spirit, fire, energy and vitality’ Sophie Duker on BBC2’s Between the Covers

KATE, 2019
Kate flees London – abandoning everything – for Cumbria and Weyward Cottage, inherited from her great-aunt. There, a secret lurks in the bones of the house, hidden ever since the witch-hunts of the 17th century.

VIOLET, 1942
Violet is more interested in collecting insects and climbing trees than in becoming a proper young lady. Until a chain of shocking events changes her life forever.

ALTHA, 1619
Altha is on trial for witchcraft, accused of killing a local man. Known for her uncanny connection with nature and animals, she is a threat that must be eliminated.

But Weyward women belong to the wild. And they cannot be tamed…

Weaving together the stories of three women across five centuries, Weyward is an enthralling novel of female resilience and the transformative power of the natural world.

‘Very visceral and brave… it’s bold, I loved that’ Mel Giedroyc on BBC2’s Between the Covers
‘Alive, vivid and gripping’ ABIGAIL DEAN
‘Humming with a sly, exhilarating magic’ BRIDGET COLLINS
‘Empowering’ GLAMOUR
‘A bold witchy debut’ RED

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 02 Feb 2023
Pages: 384
ISBN: 978-0-00-849908-2
Emilia Hart is a British-Australian writer. She was born in Sydney and studied English Literature and Law at the University of New South Wales before working as a lawyer in Sydney and London. Emilia is a graduate of Curtis Brown Creative’s Three Month Online Novel Writing Course and was Highly Commended in the 2021 Caledonia Novel Award. Her short fiction has been published in Australia and the UK. She lives in London.

”'Alive, vivid and gripping” - ABIGAIL DEAN

”'Humming with a sly, exhilarating magic” - BRIDGET COLLINS

”'Totally unique” - GILLIAN MCALLISTER

”'Utterly absorbing” - ABI DARÉ

”'Fierce and moving… magnificent” - ROSIE ANDREWS

”'A stunning debut” - LUCY CLARKE

”'Relevant, empowering and brilliantly written… I just love it!” - JOANNA CANNON

”'A magical read” - WOMAN & HOME

”'[A] bold witchy debut” - RED

”'It seems to be the year of the witch book - and this is the best I’ve read so far” - GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

”'An absolute beauty… a riveting page turner for wild women everywhere” - JULIE OWEN MOYLAN, author of That Green Eyed Girl

”'Beautifully written and intricate as a spider's web” - SUNYI DEAN, author of The Book Eaters

”'A brave and original debut - spellbinding” - SARAH PENNER, author of The Lost Apothecary

”'Beguiling, absorbing and exquisitely-rendered” - LIZZIE POOK, author of Moonlight and the Pearler's Daughter

”'A fabulous debut” - PRIMA

”'An entertaining read” - THE TIMES

”'Leave[s] you keen to turn the page and find out more” - INDEPENDENT

”'A beautifully powerful debut” - LOVE READING

”'An empowering read that will keep you glued to the final word… Buy this book” - GLAMOUR

”'An outstanding debut” - FABULOUS magazine

”'2023 is set to be the year of witchy reads, and Weyward is one of the most exciting new titles” - COSMOPOLITAN