Two Cousins of Azov

By Andrea Bennett

A heartwarming novel about the surprise of second chances in the autumn of your life.

Gor is keeping busy. He has a magic show to rehearse, his new assistant to get in line and a dacha in dire need of weeding. But he keeps being distracted by a tapping on his window – four floors up. Is old age finally catching up with him?

Tolya has woken from a long illness to find his memory gone. Tidied away in a sanatorium, with only the view of a pine tree for entertainment, he is delighted when young doctor Vlad decides to make a project of him. With a keen listener by his side, and the aid of smuggled home-made sugary delights, Tolya’s boyhood memories return, revealing dark secrets…

Two Cousins of Azov is a tender and wonderful story of two men who, in the autumn of their years, have the chance to learn that memories can heal, as well as haunt.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 13 Jul 2017
Pages: 400
ISBN: 978-0-00-815957-3
As a teenager, Andrea Bennett wanted to be an artist. When that didn\'t work out, she decided on academic adventure, and eventually gained a degree in Russian & History from the University of Sheffield. Two Cousins of Azov is her second novel. She lives in Ramsgate, Kent, with her two sons, partner and dog, and divides her time between writing and charity work.

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”'The 'bonkers” - book that it is impossible not to be moved by… It takes a very clever writer to make you both laugh and cry' DAILY MAIL

”'A terrific and original debut” - THE TIMES