Sixteen Shades of Crazy

By Rachel Trezise

Went out, got pissed. Same shit, different day.

Aberalaw, a tiny South Wales valley village where nobody ever arrives and nobody ever leaves. The new police chief has declared war on recreational drugs, resulting in an eighteen-month drought. The party-loving wives and girlfriends of local punk band, The Boobs, are getting desperate, both for drugs and thrills: Ellie, factory girl with dreams of a better life in New York; Rhiannon, hairdresser with a taste for violence and designer clothes and Siân, unappreciated, obsessive compulsive mother of three.

Into their lives, enter the languid dark stranger, Johnny: Englishman, drug dealer and shameless seducer. In the space of just a few months, three women’s lives will be changed forever.

Prize-winning writer, Rachel Trezise, dissects the morals and mores of a small Welsh village community with a scalpel-sharp pen and an incisive wit.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 29 Apr 2010
Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-0-00-730560-5
Rachel Trezise was born in the Rhondda Valley, Wales. Her first novel, In and Out of the Goldfish Bowl, was a winner of the Orange Futures Prize. Her short fiction collection, Fresh Apples, won the EDS Dylan Thomas Prize and her rock travelogue, Dial M for Merthyr, was published in 2007. Her work has been translated into several languages. She is married and lives in Wales and New York.

Praise for Sixteen Shades of Crazy: -

”'This anti-romantic portrayal of modern valley life rings with musical dialogue and hangover humour.” - THE INDEPENDENT

”'Trezise opens up the lives of her characters with surgical skill, making you wince as well as laugh.” - THE WESTERN MAIL

‘We in the know have come to expect brilliance from Rachel Trezise, and Sixteen Shades of Crazy doesn't disappoint. This is a powerful, unflinching and extremely funny novel. It's a beauty.’DAN RHODES -

”'Seamless and thoroughly enjoyable…A keen observer of contemporary culture, Trezise has penned yet another winner.” - THE SUN-HERALD

”'Sixteen Shades of Crazy is a dirty but Day-Glo slice of modern Valleys life.” - NEW WELSH REVIEW

”'written with great energy and verbal skill and its characters … are immediately engaging.” - SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

”'Trezise sings a sharp and suffocating song.” - THE AGE

”'On the one hand Sixteen Shades of Crazy finds Trezise sticking to her literary award-winning formula; unflinching yarns about the lifestyles, aspirations and collective hustle of working class characters (caricatures you might think on occasion) from her native Welsh valleys. On the other, her use of multiple narrative voices - switching between three women whose friendship seems fuelled by convenience rather than closeness - ramps up the interest factor of an already highly readable book.” - BUZZ MAGAZINE

Praise for Rachel Trezise:‘Trezise is an outstanding young writer, with a wonderfully sharp,cynical take on contemporary Wales.’THE TIMES -

‘The new face of literature.’HARPERS & QUEEN -

‘A major new literary talent.’THE WESTERN MAIL -

‘Trezise writes with an irresistible self-indulgence…the same complete command of the English language as the heavyweights of contemporary fiction.’THE BIG ISSUE -