Sherry Cracker Gets Normal

By D. J. Connell

Is the meaning of life to find the meaning of life?

Meet Sherry Cracker: loner, obsessive note-taker and lover of tartan trousers. She works for thrifty, straight-talking Mr. Chin who runs a business buying used gold from dentists. One Friday afternoon, Mr. Chin informs Sherry that she’s abnormal. He then uncharacteristically gives her £100 and a weekend in which to ‘crack the normality nut’.

But something is going on in the town where unemployment is high and the streets bristle with CCTV cameras. The corrupt council has cut budgets and the library has been closed. Mysterious graffiti is appearing everywhere. People are disgruntled and restless. Sherry is joined on her quest by a runaway known as the ‘Little Bastard’ and Jocelyn de Foiegras, gentleman alcoholic, and his Chihuahua, Herb Alpert. Through their friendship she learns that she’s looking for normality in all the wrong places and uncovers a plot which threatens her future with Mr Chin.

An outsider, Sherry sees life in post-industrial Britain through the eyes of an innocent and records her findings in her trusty OBSERVATIONS folder. Her journey of discovery is both hilarious and poignant, one that takes you to the heart of ‘normal’ British life.

Packed to the gills with quirky characters and comical twist and turns, SHERRY CRACKER GETS NORMAL will make you fall in love with Sherry and have you pondering the meaning of life one moment and laughing uproariously the next.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 07 Jul 2011
Pages: 284
ISBN: 978-0-00-733219-9
D.J. Connell was born in New Zealand and has lived and worked in various countries, first as a writer for a newspaper, then for a non-profit organisation. D.J. Connell currently lives in London.

”'Sherry is a character who gets under your skin. Normal of not. I soon fell in love with her.” - TIME OUT

”'A writer intrigued by life on the outside.” - THE INDEPENDENT

‘An antidote to the blues … this invigorating novel inspires self-belief and fortitude.' ELLE, France -

”'Beautifully written with laughter in spades … an important reading group read. How far can you stretch normality before it becomes abnormal … It’ll change your outlook, I guarantee” - NEW BOOKS MAG

”'Creating distinctive character’s is clearing a knack of DJ’s . . . It’s a cracker.” - NZ WOMEN’S WEEKLY

”'A funny and endearing coming-of-age story.” - YORKSHIRE EVENING POST

”'Pacy, inventive, clever and accurate in the details, full of affection for its underclass protagonists.” - NEW ZEALAND HERALD

I loved the characters and didn't want to put it down. It's kooky, very funny and - in a dreamy way - incisive about society. STEVEN APPLEBY -

”'Connell has such a quirky, engaging style of writing that there are many smiles en route to the conclusion of this pleasurable novel.” - THE STAR (Christchurch)