Nuclear Family

By Kate Davies

‘Funny, poignant, smart and wonderfully, achingly real’ SARAH WATERS

‘I can’t think of another author who can make me ricochet so quickly from painful empathy to helpless laughter’ ERIN KELLY

From the Polari Prize-winning author of IN AT THE DEEP END

When Lena buys DNA testing kits for her father Tom and her twin sister Alison, she thinks they’ll enjoy finding out where their ancestors come from, and what percentage Neanderthal they are. She has no idea the gift will blow her family apart.

Tom is forced to admit that he isn’t his daughters’ biological father: he and his late wife, Sheila, used a sperm donor. He’s terrified Lena and Alison will reject him, and desperate to win back their trust – whatever it takes.

Alison thinks DNA doesn’t matter. She and her wife are trying to start a family using donor sperm, too. To her, Tom is their dad, and that’s that.

But Lena becomes obsessed with tracking down their biological father. And when she discovers she has a half-brother – an actor with a blue tick on Instagram – she becomes obsessed with him, too…

From the author of the Polari Prize-winning In at the Deep End, this is a very funny and deeply moving novel about identity, donor conception and what it means to be a family.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 15 Feb 2024
Pages: 432
ISBN: 978-0-00-853661-9
KATE DAVIES is a novelist, screenwriter and writer of children’s books. Her first novel, In at the Deep End, won the Polari Book Prize and was shortlisted for the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize. She lives in East London with her wife and son.

”'Davies writes with a glorious sureness of touch and impeccable comic timing. Nuclear Family is funny, poignant, smart and wonderfully, achingly real” - SARAH WATERS

'Rambunctiously funny… Davies' confident storytelling blasts open some seriously sensitive subject matter' THE TIMES, Book of the Month -

'A welcome return from one of the freshest voices in fiction. In Nuclear Family Kate Davies turns her acute eye on family, identity and belonging, not to mention the mechanics of insemination. I can’t think of another author who can make me ricochet so quickly from painful empathy to helpless laughter' ERIN KELLY -

'A gripping drama of DNA and desire' i Paper -

'Deftly wrought' DAILY MAIL -

”'A funny, moving novel… packed with explosive emotion and warmed by empathetic understanding” - MAIL ON SUNDAY

'An engrossing story of ruptured family dynamics, raw and unflinching, painful and hilarious - a complex reflection on love, identity and what makes a family a family' JOANNA GLEN -

”'Filled with wisdom about love, building a family and what makes us who we are, it’s also very, very funny” - STYLIST

'A very modern and moving comedy of manners' RED -

'An amazing and funny read about what family really means' PRIMA -

'‘Davies’s 2019 debut In at the Deep End was one of the funniest novels of that year. This follow up, about what happens when a DNA testing kit ends up blowing a family apart, is just as good a comedy of manners' i NEWS -

”'I loved this funny, thoughtful book” - GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

”'Confront[s] sensitive subjects with wit and tenderness… an exhilarating meditation on the meaning of family” - The Bookseller, BOOK OF THE MONTH

'Enjoyable and though-provoking' SUNDAY EXPRESS -

”'Thought-provoking…an enjoyable read” - BELFAST TELEGRAPH