No Good Brother

By Tyler Keevil


‘A great, gripping story, ferociously well-written, with characters that live and breathe’ STEF PENNEY, bestselling author of Under a Pole Star

Tim Harding has spent the fishing season in Canada working as a deckhand, making an honest living. When his hot-headed younger brother tracks him down at the shipyards in Vancouver, Tim senses trouble. Jake is a drifter, a dreamer, an ex-con, and now he needs help in repaying a debt to the notorious Delaney gang.

So begins an epic, unpredictable odyssey across land and sea as the brothers journey down to the Delaney’s ranch in the U.S., chased by customs officials, freak storms and the gnawing feeling that their luck is about to run out. But while they may be able to outrun the law, there’s no escaping the ghosts of their tragic family past and neither is prepared for who and what awaits at the other end…

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 24 Jan 2019
Pages: 400
ISBN: 978-0-00-822891-0
Tyler Keevil grew up in Vancouver and in his mid-twenties moved to Wales. He is the author of three previous books and has received a number of awards for his writing, including the Missouri Review Editors’ Prize, the Wales Book of the Year People’s Prize, and the Writers’ Trust of Canada Journey Prize. He lectures in Creative Writing at Cardiff University.

'A great, gripping story, ferociously well-written, with characters that live and breathe' STEF PENNEY, bestselling author of Under a Pole Star -

”'Keevil's writing is unmissable… quite simply a brilliant writer” - VIV GROSKOP, author of The Anna Karenina Fix

”'No Good Brother is suspenseful - but it’s also funny … the final chapters of the novel are a pulse-thumping ride into the unknown, showing that it is an adventure for our times - and one that consistently forces readers to cheer for the Harding brothers right up until the end” - The Cardiff Review

”'No Good Brother is a paean to brotherly loyalty and a meditation on the things we can change and the things we must learn to love regardless. It is also the funniest and most exciting book I’ve read in years. A grand adventure in the spirit of Mark Twain, it is reckless and wild and beautiful, like something dreamed up by Cormac McCarthy and Hunter S Thompson on a drunken camping trip” - D.D. JOHNSTON, author of Peace, Love & Petrol Bombs

‘A tender and at turns thrilling novel about grief and the way it seeps unshakably into the lives of the living. Keevil’s storytelling is both elegant and meaty and his prose stunning as per; I could almost taste the bitter sea air of Vancouver’s North Shore' RACHEL TREZISE, author of Fresh Apples -

”'Quite a story. Keevil's prose proceeds with the laconic madness of a patient horse, and the same ability to buck and kick” - CYNAN JONES, author of The Dig

Praise for Burrard Inlet: -

”'I was blown away. Beautiful writing…stunning.” - MIRIAM TOEWS author of All My Puny Sorrows

”'Vividly told…compelling.” - CARYS BRAY, author of A Song For Issy Bradley

”'Beneath the deceptively calm surface of these spare and beautiful stories, mad passions boil. There is a transatlantic tradition of studying the interaction between men and nature, in such figures as Hemingway, Carver, McGuane; now Keevil extends and enriches that lineage. He truly is that good.” - NIALL GRIFFITHS, author of Grits & Kelly & Victor