Mrs Whistler

By Matthew Plampin

‘A captivating tale …This novel is a delight’ THE TIMES
‘A terrific novel … It springs off the page’ DEBORAH MOGGACH
‘Vividly engaging’ SUNDAY TIMES

Chelsea, 1876
Struggling artist Jimmy Whistler is at war with his patron. Denied full payment, he and muse Maud Franklin face ruin.
As Jimmy’s enemies mount, he resolves to sue a famous critic for libel, in a last-ditch attempt to ward off the bailiffs. Although she has no position in society, Maud is expected to do her part. But Maud has a secret that forces her to choose between art and love.
Mrs Whistler is a dazzling glimpse inside a world of passion,
art and power.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 02 May 2019
Pages: 464
ISBN: 978-0-00-816364-8
Matthew Plampin completed a PhD at the Courtauld Institute of Art and now lectures on nineteenth-century art and architecture. He is the author of five novels, The Street Philosopher, The Devil’s Acre, Illumination, Will & Tom and Mrs Whistler. He lives in London with his family.

Praise for Mrs Whistler: -

”'Matthew Plampin is heartbreakingly good … Mrs Whistler is a beguiling glimpse of a fascinating world” - THE TIMES

”'A terrific novel … It springs off the page, bristling with life.A vivid and absorbing portrait of bohemian London and the love affair between Whistler and his long-suffering but spirited muse” - DEBORAH MOGGACH

”'A captivating tale …This novel is a delight” - THE TIMES

”'A delightful book” - LITERARY REVIEW

”'Should rank with the best … his work possesses depth and vitality … vividly engaging … a novel that conjures up the Victorian art world in rich colours” - SUNDAY TIMES

”'A richly imagined historical novel, full of depth and vitality” - SUNDAY TIMES CULTURE