Maybe, Perhaps, Possibly: Unabridged edition

By Joanna Glen, Reader to be announced

From the Costa-shortlisted author of THE OTHER HALF OF AUGUSTA HOPE and ALL MY MOTHERS

The story of two people who have no idea how to fall in love…

On the tiny island of Rokesby, Addie helps her mother run a women’s retreat. Dreaming daily of escape, she consoles herself by swimming in the ocean that surrounds them.

On the neighbouring island, joined to Rokesby by a bridge at low tide, Sol has sought refuge at a wind-swept prayer house, grieving both his mother’s death and his father’s devastating betrayal. Alone and anxious, he takes comfort in birdwatching, books and the sounds of the sea.

Introverts with turbulent pasts and wary hearts, Sol and Addie are both drawn to nature far more than to people – until they catch sight of one another in the wild. Can they break free from past lessons in love to risk a better future together?

From the Costa-shortlisted author of THE OTHER HALF OF AUGUSTA HOPE and ALL MY MOTHERS, this is a beautifully observed and life-affirming novel about finding yourself, and then allowing someone else to find you.

Format: Audio-Book
Release Date: 20 Jun 2024
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-860744-9
Detailed Edition: Unabridged edition
Joanna Glen’s novels include All My Mothers and The Other Half of Augusta Hope, which was shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Award and the Authors’ Club Best First Novel Award. She and her husband live in Brighton.

'Exquisite and very moving. I love Joanna Glen's writing, and this is my favourite book of hers to date… such a beautiful, touching, hopeful story' TRACY REES -

'I loved it… a love story for realists… This is a book that knows that life's biggest questions are answered in its smallest moments and - if we are lucky - life doesn't always take our first answer' GRÁINNE MURPHY -

Praise for ALL MY MOTHERS: -

”'Uniquely witty, beautifully observed, intricately woven” - MIRANDA HART

”'One of those rarest of books: so beautiful I almost couldn’t bear it, and so moving I was reading through tears” - STACEY HALLS

”'A truly glorious life-affirming book, in which love, hope and friendship trump sorrow” - DINAH JEFFERIES

”'Had me absolutely sobbing - a beautiful, beautiful book” - JO BROWNING WROE

”'Worth every tear” - WOMAN & HOME

”'Exquisitely tender, powerfully compelling” - SARAH HAYWOOD

”'One of my new all-time favourite books - an absolute joy” - JULIETTA HENDERSON

”'Thoughtful, warm and engaging” - CHRISTINA SWEENEY-BAIRD

”'Honest, heartfelt and hopeful” - MARIANNE CRONIN

”'A joy to read” - ANNE YOUNGSON

”'A love song to women everywhere” - ERICKA WALLER

”'Exquisite” - JESSICA RYN