Little Exiles

By Robert Dinsdale

A stunning novel set in the wake of the Second World War, Little Exiles tells the extraordinary story of the forced child migration between Britain and Australia that took place after World War II and how this flight from home shaped the identity of a generation of children.

What if someone you loved asked you to pack a bag and said that they would see you again soon?

When Jon Heather’s mother leaves him by the door of the Chapeltown Boys’ Home of the Children’s Crusade, one cold night in post-war Leeds, he is convinced there has been a dreadful mistake. But several weeks later, nine-year-old Jon finds himself on a boat bound for Australia. Promised paradise, he soon realizes the reality of the Australian outback is very different: a life of hard labour on unforgiving terrain, under an alien sun. So begins a journey that will last a lifetime, as Jon Heather and his group of unlikely friends battle to make their way back home.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 02 Jan 2014
Pages: 432
ISBN: 978-0-00-748171-2
Robert Dinsdale lives in London and is working on his next novel.

”'A superb novel” - DAILY MAIL

”'A heartbreaking story, very powerfully dramatised” - THE TIMES

‘LITTLE EXILES … it's knockout - Robert has his own unique voice and his own angle on an extraordinary period of history. It's just beautifully written and told with such emotional precision, with a character in Jon Heather who is completely beguiling and so worth fighting for. I really, really loved it' Jim Loach, Director of Oranges & Sunshine -

‘Contemporary fiction doesn’t get much better than this. Little Exiles is the best kind of book… the plot is so good and so gripping in this superlative tale that putting down the book is almost a physical impossibility… Little Exiles is an exquisitely crafted must-read’IN DAILY -