Julian Corkle is a Filthy Liar

By D. J. Connell

The funniest debut novel since Tom Sharpe’s Riotous Assembly, only it’s set in Tasmania!

Julian Corkle’s got small-screenability. His mother tells him he’ll be a star one day. ‘Twinkle, twinkle,’ she says, giving his hair a ruffle.

Not everyone shares Julian’s dreams of stardom. Television is too much like hairdressing for his father’s tastes. A Tasmanian man wants a son for sporting purposes. ‘Boys don’t like dolls,’ he tells Julian, ‘They like Dinky Toys.’ Not this boy, thinks Julian, who knows better than to tell the truth.

Besides, the family already has a sporting hero, Julian’s sister Carmel aka ‘The Locomotive’. Julian likes his sister, but knows better than to tangle with her bowling arm. It’s the same one she uses for punching.

Julian Corkle is a Filthy Liar is the ultimate feel-good novel, a book that will have the reader laughing out loud on the back of a bus as it follows Julian’s bumpy journey through adolescence, fibbing his way through school and a series of dead-end jobs, to find his ultimate calling as creator of ‘The Hog’. It’s as if Crocodile Dundee has crashed Muriel’s wedding and run off into the desert with Priscilla.

Format: ebook
Release Date: 08 Jul 2010
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-736936-2
D.J. Connell was born in New Zealand and has lived and worked in various countries, first as a writer for a newspaper, then for a non-profit organisation. D.J. Connell currently lives in London.

'Laugh-out-loud funny and genuinely touching. A magical journey. Julian Corkle is a big fat masterpiece.' EOIN COLFER -

'A tour de farce which goes straight for the jocular vein! Welcome to the whacky, wickedly funny world of tear-away Tasmanian, Julian Corkle. This book proves that optimism is not an eye disease.' KATHY LETTE -

”'One of the funniest rites of passage novels in a long time…a great summer read.” - TIME OUT

”'A genuinely funny book with a great big heart. I fell in love with Julian Corkle.” - JENNY ECLAIR

”'Warm, funny and deeply engaging. You’ll love this one.” - WBQ

”'Julian Corkle is utterly wonderful! I love him and I love the book. It's funny, fabulous and heartwarming.” - STEVEN APPLEBY

”'D.J. Connell has unleashed a set of characters bigger than Tasmania. Julian may be a filthy liar, but he is also a corker.” - AUSTRALIAN WOMEN’S WEEKLY

”'There’s no doubt Connell has a hit in the coming-of-age story with a sparkly difference.” - SUNDAY TASMANIAN

”'Take Running With Scissors, transplant it into suburban Australia and youve got this funny, lightweight tale of Jimmy Corkle.” - GAY TIMES

”'A coming-of-age story with extra laughs, lashings of quirkiness and a very memorable hero.” - NZ HERALD ON SUNDAY

”'A rollicking, highly-readable story.” - CANBERRA TIMES