By Araminta Hall

The remarkable new novel from the bestselling author of Everything and Nothing

‘An emotionally compelling and deeply moving novel – I loved it’ Daisy Goodwin

In a higgledy-piggledy house with turrets and tunnels towering over the sleepy Welsh village of Druith, two girls play hide and seek. They don’t see its grandeur or the secrets locked behind doors they cannot open. They see lots of brilliant places to hide.

Squeezed under her mother’s bed, pulse racing with the thrill of a new hiding place Dot sees something else: a long-forgotten photograph of a man, his hair blowing in the breeze. Dot stares so long at the photograph the image begins to disintegrate before her eyes, and as the image fades it is replaced with one thought: ‘I think it’s definitely him.’

DOT is the story of one little girl and how her one small action changes the lives of those around her for ever.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 02 Jan 2014
Pages: 288
ISBN: 978-0-00-748781-3
Araminta Hall has worked as a journalist since 1994 at some of Emap\'s biggest titles, including Bliss Magazine and New Woman. Since 2000 she has freelanced for a variety of magazines and national newspapers. She lives in Brighton with her husband and three children.

Praise for Dot: -

‘Dot is a moving, passionate novel about the connections between families and how we repeat and re-live the mistakes of the past. It made me think about what it means as a woman to both to have and to be a daughter, mother and grandmother' Emily Mortimer, star of Doll & Em -

‘An emotionally compelling and deeply moving novel - I loved it’Daisy Goodwin -

”'Beautifully written; [Dot] is lyrical and haunting, whilst also being sad and true. It is a completely compelling read with a very satisfying plot. It stayed with me for a long time after reading” - Dolly Wells, star of Doll & Em

‘Araminta Hall is an exceptionally talented writer… A thoroughly enjoyable read’Carol Birch, author of Jamrach’s Menagerie -

”'This is a powerful tale about the negative effects of paternal irresponsibility, yet ultimately how string female friendships overthrow the damage done by it. Stunning” - IMAGE MAGAZINE

”'Mixing melancholic home truths with uniquely British humour. This is a deeply moving triumph” - STAR MAGAZINE

Praise for Everything and Nothing: -

”'An assured debut… I suspect that this will be the first of what promises to be a new genre: the nanny chiller” - Daisy Goodwin SUNDAY TIMES

‘Chilling and suspenseful’ THE SUN’s ‘Best of 2011’ book picks -

”'An unsettling, menacing read” - GRAZIA, 2011 Reading List selection

”'A suspenseful and emotive examination of a family in meltdown…a skilfully executed debut novel” - WATERSTONES BOOK QUARTERLY

”'A beautifully written, completely gripping novel that plays on the unsettling notion that sometimes the least safe place is your very own home” - Emily Mortimer