A Piece of the World

By Christina Baker Kline

‘Graceful, moving and powerful . . . a wonderful story that seems to have been waiting, all this time, for Kline to come along and tell it’ MICHAEL CHABON

For decades, Christina Olson’s whole world has been a rocky, windswept point on the coast of Maine, the farmhouse her ancestors fled to from the Salem witch trials. A world she fears she will never leave.

As a girl, farm life asked more of Christina than it did her family, her wasting limbs turning every task into a challenge. But the very tenacity that strengthened her may dash her chances for a life beyond her chores and extinguish her hopes for love.

Years pass and Christina’s solitude is broken by the arrival of Andrew Wyeth, a young artist who is fixated on the isolated farm house. In Christina he will discover more than a kindred spirit; for him, she will become a muse like no other…

From the bestselling author of ORPHAN TRAIN comes a luminous portrait of a woman of grit and grace, as heartwarming as it is gripping. A story that allows the reader to marvel at Andrew Wyeth’s iconic portrait from the other side.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 23 Mar 2017
Pages: 328
ISBN: 978-0-00-822006-8
Christina Baker Kline is the author of five novels, including the #1 New York Times bestseller Orphan Train. Her other novels include Bird in Hand, The Way Life Should Be, Desire Lines, and Sweet Water

”'A moving portrait of a woman in search of autonomy and purpose in her life” - SUNDAY TIMES CULTURE

”'The novel evokes the sombre grace of those paintings in language as earnest and straightforward as Wyeth’s brush strokes, laying out a story as uncomplicated as his composition” - NEW YORK TIMES

”'A transporting peek behind the canvas” - NEW YORK MAGAZINE

”'A graceful, moving and powerful demonstration of what can happen when a fearless literary imagination combines with an inexhaustible curiosity about the past and the human heart: a feat of time travel, a bravura improvisation on the theme of art history, a wonderful story that seems to have been waiting, all this time, for Christina Baker Kline to come along and tell it” - MICHAEL CHABON

”'Christina Baker Kline writes about home and place with wisdom and tenderness, but most of all she writes about Christina Olson with compassion, empathy and resounding admiration. This is an inspiring, haunting, powerful novel” - HELEN SEDGWICK, author of The Comet Seekers

”'An affecting and memorable novel… unexpected and bleakly beautiful world. I thought it explored the nature of art and inspiration in a fascinating way, whilst also posing profound questions about what endures and what proves transitory; about the roles we choose and those which are forced upon us” - MATTHEW PLAMPIN, author of Will & Tom

”'With remarkable precision and compassion, A PIECE OF THE WORLD transports us to a mid-century farmhouse on the coast of Maine … Christina Baker Kline has accomplished something grand” - NATHAN HILL, author of The Nix

”'Tender, tragic, A PIECE OF THE WORLD is a fascinating exploration of the life lived inside that house at the top of the hill” - LILY KING

”'Painterly, sensuous, and sympathetic” - KIRKUS REVIEWS

”'A pure, powerful story of suffering met with a fight” - O Magazine (The Oprah Magazine)

”'Insightful, evocative prose brings Christina’s singular perspective and indomitable spirit to life” - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY