Easter Weekend Reads

Four-day weekends were pretty much made for reading, so here’s what our heads will be buried in for the next few days…

Ore: I have been thinking about Laura Jane Williams’ Our Stop ever since I heard about it at highlights from our colleagues over at Avon, and I loved Sophia Money-Coutts first novel, so I’ll be dipping into her second, What Happens Now, too.

Charlotte: I have a proof of Three Women which was aggressively shoved into my gut by another editor (she’s got short hair and works in Mudlark, ah hem) who said simply ‘We all have to read this.’ So I am quite ready to slump, post-chocolate, and guzzle this.

Carla: I’ll be reading Stone Mothers by Erin Kelly – I LOVED He Said/She Said and can’t wait to sink into another dark, twisting story!

Suzie: I have been luxuriating in Ali Smith’s Spring, rationing it out to make it last longer – but I think I need to accept that this weekend I will finish it. And then it will join the previous two on my bookshelf, where they’ll sit looking beautiful until it’s time for Summer

Have a lovely Easter all!

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