Tamsin Grey (002)The Borough Press has acquired Tamsin Grey’s first novel, SHE’S NOT THERE. Suzie Dooré, Publishing Director of the imprint, bought World rights from Jo Unwin.

SHE’S NOT THERE is the story of two little boys who wake up one morning to find their mother has vanished. Nine-year-old Jonah tries to puzzle out her disappearance from objects he finds around the house, while preventing the outside world from realising that he and his little brother Raff are surviving on their own. For fans of MY NAME IS LEON and THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHTTIME, SHE’S NOT THERE is an accomplished and heart-breaking novel from an impressive new British talent.

Tamsin Grey is the eldest of five daughters, and grew up in England and Zambia. She has worked as a cucumber picker, copywriter, yoga teacher, oral historian, and as speechwriter to a secretary of state. She has always kept a diary, and keeps the back volumes in a tea chest, which also serves as a coffee table. SHE’S NOT THERE is her first novel.

Suzie Dooré said: “I loved the premise of SHE’S NOT THERE even before I’d read a word and was delighted to discover that Tamsin’s writing is fresh, authentic, heartfelt and funny – I genuinely laughed and cried in the space of a few pages. I was beside myself with worry over Jonah and Raff, who I loved instantly – I can’t wait to publish this!”

Tamsin Grey said: “My novel is set in the south London streets where I live, and it feels fitting that its publisher is just up the road. I am thrilled to bits; and know that my abandoned boys will be well looked after!”

Jo Unwin said: “So many people ‘recognised’ these little boys when I sent the book out to publishers. You love them, and fear for them from the very first page. Suzie and Borough Press were so impressive and showed they knew exactly how to bring the book – and the boys – to life.”

The Borough Press will publish SHE’S NOT THERE in February 2018.

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