The Red Address Book

Sofia Lundberg

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‘Written with love, told with joy’ Fredrik Backman, author of A Man Called Ove

A heartwarming debut about 96-year-old Doris, who writes down the memories of her eventful life as she pages through her decades-old address book. But the most profound moment of her life is still to come …

Meet Doris, a 96-year-old woman living alone in her Stockholm apartment. She has few visitors, but her weekly Skype calls with Jenny—her American grandniece, and her only relative—give her great joy and remind her of her own youth.

When Doris was a girl, she was given an address book by her father, and ever since she has carefully documented everyone she met and loved throughout the years. Looking through the little book now, Doris sees the many crossed-out names of people long gone and is struck by the urge to put pen to paper. In writing down the stories of her colourful past—working as a maid in Sweden, modelling in Paris during the 30s, fleeing to Manhattan at the dawn of the Second World War—can she help Jenny, haunted by a difficult childhood, to unlock the secrets of their family and finally look to the future? And whatever became of Allan, the love of Doris’s life?

About the author

Sofia Lundberg, a journalist and former magazine editor, is the debut author behind the Swedish word-of-mouth and blog sensation The Red Address Book. Sofia lives in Stockholm with her son.


‘Written with love, told with joy. Very easy to enjoy’ Fredrik Backman, New York Times bestselling author of A Man Called Ove

‘In a reader’s lifetime, there are a few books that will be companions forever. For me, The Red Address Book is one of them. It will comfort you, and remind you of all the moments when you grabbed life with both hands. It is also an homage to the wisdom of women who have lived longer than most of us. One is never too old to learn that love is the only meaning of life – let’s listen to these women’ Nina George, author of The Little Paris Bookshop

‘A warm and tender story about life, memories, and the power of love and friendship. A novel with heart and humor!’
Katarina Bivald, author of The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

‘Romantic … fabulous’ Lucy Dillon, author of Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts

‘The Red Address Book is a love letter to the human heart. Full of tenderness and empathy, Lundberg has created more than just a novel – she has created a window into the soul’ Alyson Richman, author of The Lost Wife and The Velvet Hours