OF THIS OUR COUNTRY: Essay Competition

OF THIS OUR COUNTRY is a collection of personal essays that explore Nigeria through the memories and experiences of the phenomenal writers it has produced. Publishing on 30th September 2021, its intention is to bring together both acclaimed and upcoming Nigerian writers, so we are holding a competition to find an unpublished and un-agented Nigerian … Continued

Borough Birthday: The Books That Made Us

To celebrate our 6th birthday, The Borough Press team would like to tell you about the stories that made us fall in love with words, and have moulded us into the book-lovers that we are today. Suzie, Publishing Director ‘One of the first books I remember loving was Richard Scarry’s Busy, Busy World. Just looking … Continued

Easter Weekend Reads

Four-day weekends were pretty much made for reading, so here’s what our heads will be buried in for the next few days… Ore: I have been thinking about Laura Jane Williams’ Our Stop ever since I heard about it at highlights from our colleagues over at Avon, and I loved Sophia Money-Coutts first novel, so … Continued

Best and Worst Literary Mothers

To celebrate this mother’s day, we thought we’d give a little twist to the traditional posts, and tell you about some of the best and worst literary mothers The Borough Press team have encountered! Suzie Best mother: Orleanna Price, The Poisonwood Bible I know I’m always banging on about The Poisonwood Bible, but I won’t … Continued

pile of open books

Christmas Spine Poetry

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house… were members of Borough Press shuffling their books around trying to decide what to read over the winter break – and out of this, came our poetic alter-egos, who have created five beautiful spine poems for you, inspired by the season itself!   Ore Agbaje-Williams, … Continued

BAME Open Submission Period

The Borough Press has teamed up with The Good Literary Agency to open submissions for un-agented BAME writers. The winner will receive a £10,000 publishing contract with The Borough Press, representation from The Good Literary Agency, and mentoring from Nikesh Shukla. The open submission, spearheaded by Assistant Editor Ore Agbaje-Williams, is calling for authors from … Continued

Where We Like To Read

From sofa to the plane, from the bed to the train, team Borough talk best locations and conditions for delving into a good book…   I’ve recently moved house, which was the perfect excuse to buy The Sofa of My Dreams. It’s huge and squishy and perfect for reading in, so it’s become my unofficial … Continued

Five Books to Break the Rules for: Grace Pengelly, Graduate Trainee

Readers fall into two camps. Those who religiously re-read their favourite tomes, wallowing in the familiar landscape and interior lives of old friends, and those who do not. I fall into the latter camp, believing that there is very little to be gained from rereading a book more than once. As with life’s other great … Continued

Favourites: Ore, Editorial Assistant

Novel of 2017 Stephen Florida by Gabe Habash. I pretty much inhaled this book. I physically could not put it down. I carried it off the train and walked with it open in my hands to the tube, and read it on the platform, and then again squashed between people at rush hour, and then … Continued

A #DayInTheLife – Carla Josephson, Commissioning Editor

6.30am: Wake to large orange cat sitting on chest, aggressively asking for his breakfast. 6:45am: Have fed starving beast. Peace and quiet again. Tell myself to go to the gym, but somehow instead go to the sofa and read submissions with a cup of a tea. 7:30am: Get ready for day. Outfit decided on basis … Continued