#LoveAudio: Brittany Newell on the OOLA audiobook

I was nervous about my audiobook. I’m a bit of a control freak (ask my agent), and what’s more, obsessed with the way my work sounds. I whisper aloud as I type, looking not a little like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. I have musician envy: I try to make my sentences like music. So it was with a sense … Continued

Borough Press wins The Binding after ‘hotly contested’ eight-way auction

Borough Press has won a “hotly contested” first adult novel from YA author Bridget Collins after an eight-way auction. The story centres on a world where bookbinders trap unwanted memories in writing and the HarperCollins imprint bought two books by the author for six-figures. Suzie Dooré, publishing director at Borough Press, acquired British and Commonwealth … Continued

#LoveAudio: Rosie Garland on the recording of The Night Brother

When it begins, I’m floored. I’m drawn in by a soft Mancunian accent: ‘My night brother is here. Halfway between yesterday and tomorrow morning, he shakes my shoulder…’ It is Edie, telling her own story. I’m surprised at how emotional I feel. My third novel The Night Brother has just been published, complete with a … Continued