We could not be more excited about the release of Curtis Sittenfeld’s next novel, Eligible, and it seems we’re not the only ones.

Here are a small selection of the fantastically good quotes we’ve had in lately…

‘In 2009 it was One Day. Four years ago it was Gone Girl. This year the book of the summer is going to be Eligible’ The Times

‘If there exists a more perfect pairing than Curtis Sittenfeld and Jane Austen, we dare you to find it’ Elle

‘Sheer joy… Giddy and glam and a hearty update of Pride and Prejudice’ JESSIE BURTON, author of The Miniaturist

‘Dazzling’ Woman and Home

‘Eligible is all broad strokes, but it’s also snort-inducingly funny’ The Daily Mail

a clever, funny and terrifically entertaining retelling of Pride and Prejudice’ India Knight